12 months. 12 topics. 12 conversations.In our anniversary year, we talkto inspiring people about differentaspects of successful leadership,as a continuum in the change of time.


Our interviews

01 January

In conversation with Prof. Gernot Schulz
Dr. Hans Schlipat talks to Professor Gernot Schulz about his experiences as a musician, conductor and consulting entrepreneur in the shaping of management organisations.

02 February

In conversation with Carl-Ludwig Thiele
Dr. Henrik Räwer talks to Carl-Ludwig Thiele, former board member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, about the important role of credibility.

03 March

In conversation with Dr. Holger Stiller
Oliver Heitz talks to Dr. Holger Stiller, Chairman of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie, about the power of courage.

Management is the most creativeof all arts. For its mediumis human talent itself.

Robert McNamara

Management is themost creative of all arts.For its mediumis human talent itself.

Robert McNamara

04 April

In conversation with Prof. Dr. Herbert Schaaff
Marc-Stefan Brodbeck talks to Prof. Dr. Herbert Schaaff, Managing Director Human Resources at Vallourec Deutschland GmbH, about creating happiness in business.

05 May

In conversation with Eva Valentina Kempf and Lutz Goebel
Silke Fußbahn talks to the two Managing Partners of Henkelhausen GmbH & Co KG about female entrepreneurial succession.

06 June

In conversation with Glenn González
Markus Gehrt talks to Glenn González, Chief Technology Officer at SAP Germany, about change and successful transformation.

07 July

In conversation with Alicia and Nicolas Lindner
Silke Fußbahn talks to the two Managing Partners of Börlind GmbH about working together as a leadership duo.

08 August

In conversation with Jens-Albert Schenk
Markus Gehrt talks to Jens-Albert Schenk, Managing Partner at OSMA-Aufzüge Albert Schenk GmbH & Co KG, about generational transition in a family businesses.

09 September

In conversation with Sybille Besel and Paulina Ohling
In the photo interview, the two Rochus Mummert colleagues take a glimpse into the future and its many facets.

10 October

In conversation with Prof. Christian Gerloff
Annekathrin Walter talks to Prof. Christian Gerloff, Deputy Medical Director of the UKE, about innovation in the healthcare sector.

11 November

In conversation with Mareike Boccola
Silke Fußbahn talks to Mareike Boccola, owner of Hauschild Speedmixer GmbH & Co KG, about the impact of interculturality in business management.

12 December

In conversation with Uwe Mletzko
Björn Lindemann talks to Uwe Mletzko, Chairman of the Board of the Alsterdorf Protestant Foundation in Hamburg, about wealth and the individual value of a person.


In conversation with Constance von Struensee
Annekathrin Walter talks to Constance von Struensee, Chief Human Resources Officer at AGAPLESION gAG, about the importance of values for corporate and leadership culture.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview ...

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview ...

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