Experts for top management and key leadership positions

Supervisory and Advisory Boards, Succession Management (in owner-operated companies), Managing Directors, Executive Board Members (C-level positions), Senior Management: The art of searching and selecting by hand.

  • You profit from experienced hands when you engage Rochus Mummert in searching for the best executive candidates.
  • Personal contacts, seniority, experience and a clear market overview are the critical factors of success in the top recruiting segment.
  • Leaders of true stature expect to be addressed by business counterparts at eye-level. Trust, discretion and loyalty make all the difference in such settings.
  • Our know-how and do-how are based on more than 40 years of executive search experience combined with the consistent ongoing development of our procedures and methods.
  • The consulting is executed only by our partners and not in the context of a standard senior/junior hierarchy scheme.

Our Philosophy

With every new placement we are given the opportunity, as entrepreneurs, to make a sustainable contribution to the immediate and long-term development of a company.

In every search process we are intent on introducing the best, hand-selected candidates to our client.

  • In order to do so, we must know much about the client company. So we take a detailed, critical look at the total enterprise: its markets, products, organizational structure, processes, economic standing, objectives and strategies.
  • We analyze and valuate the position to be filled, taking into consideration the operational and organizational context, as well as the expected contribution to overall business results.
  • Additionally, we scrutinize the management and performance culture in relation to concrete leadership situations.
  • Merging the results of this multi-dimensional analysis, we are able to form a comprehensive picture of the position, which we then translate into a tasks & requirements profile. In the process we utilize our cross-industry knowledge along with our experience in the design and leadership of benchmark organizations.

Service Spectrum

Winning and assessing top leaders in the upper echelons of the market.

We understand from first-hand experience the far-reaching effects of every hiring decision and the unique demands of each situation.

That’s why we proceed with sensitivity, tact and a clear sense of responsibility, applying our comprehensive, specialized knowledge of markets and industries and making decisions in line with best practices and benchmarks.