Sustainable decisions flow out of high quality work

  • The detailed exposé we compile for each final candidate presents the full rationale of our assessment of the leader and his or her development potential.
  • To further expand the breadth and depth of our personal appraisal, we use a set of empirically sound psychometric tests. In face-to-face sessions with the individual candidates, we reflect on the conclusions of the overall assessment, entering an open dialogue to judge the relevance of the results.
  • We identify and highlight the distinguishing characteristics of each candidate we select for presentation, also pointing out the respective implications such differences make in executing the management role within its organizational context.
  • Our transparent, clearly formulated appraisal is user-friendly and opens the doors to a structured reflection and discussion among the decision makers. The overarching goal: making the optimal match to ensure a sustainable, win-win relationship between the leader and the client.
  • The results of our client questionnaires during the post-placement phase speak for themselves: 97% of the leaders we place remain in the organization for at least three years.

Excellence potential matrix for comparative evaluation