Dr. Rochus Mummert

founded our company in 1972, with the intention of offering cause-oriented, integrated consultation and providing HR-focussed support to companies.

At 42 years of age after an extraordinary career as a manager and board member of renowned companies, he decided to support companies in their efforts to enhance competitiveness and growth by attracting and coaching promising leadership personalities. His concept, personality, experience and access to leading German companies enabled the successful establishment and rapid growth of the company. Due to challenging and informative job descriptions for positions at upper and top management levels in the context of an ad-based search, reputation and recognition were quickly established. From the mid-nineties onwards, the company became one of the pioneers of management potential analysis. At the beginning of 2000, the founder transferred the company to the active partners. He and his wife have since committed themselves to their joint foundation for the promotion of education and science, including promotion of junior executives recruited from and for Central and South-Eastern Europe amongst other regions.

After the company’s transfer, the focus in the area of executive search shifted from ad-based toward direct search. In addition to that, client demands fuelled the company’s development into a multi-product company for the establishment and promotion of “excellent human resources” within the
scope of a fully integrated concept.