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Assessment & Potential

Assessing and determining the potential of the existing skill set is the emphasis of the second quadrant.

  1. Estimation of the potential of the individual position holders
  2. Team audit
  3. Audit of the leadership and performance culture
  • Our assessment is comprised of individual audits of leaders within the organization, the evaluation of the management team performance in the context of a team audit and the identification of anything that hinders excellent collaboration.
  • As the leadership and performance culture forms the framework within which decisions are made and actions take place, we define characteristics of the company’s leadership and performance culture. What should be the distinguishing features of this culture in the future?
  • Having a firm grasp of the current culture and the targeted culture, as well as an understanding of the factors that influence culture is the key to creating top-level performance and the long-term success of individuals and the team as a whole.
  • In a joint activity with HR - “Potential Dialogues” - we work out the core aspects of customized development measures for single members of management.