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Key functions

The first quandrant of the flywheel addresses the key functions in the company with focus on all positions throughout the entire organizational structure that are essential for the realization of mid-term strategy and a high level of operational performance.

  1. Key competitive factor(s) of the future
  2. Shaping the future through key functions
  3. HR benchmark of key functions
  • The starting point is rooted in a clear understanding of the key competitive factors of the future. By evaluating the immediate situation and strategy, it is possible to derive the functions that are key to realizing the targeted company development.
  • Together with our client we define the competency profiles of the current functions that are critical for the desired future development, applying our expansive knowledge of cross-industry benchmarks.
  • Do you have a master plan for dealing with the unexpected collapse or deterioration of a key function/position?
  • Are you certain that your key functions are optimally filled and not endangering the realization of your corporate strategy?