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Leadership & Governance

To manage a company successfully, it is necessary to install a leadership organization (and its related systems) that fits the mid-term and long-term strategy. This mix of organization and strategy forms the systemic framework in which operational decisions and activity take place.

  1. Leadership organization and systems
  2. Challenging
  3. Employer attractiveness
  4. Winning, installing and auditing supervisory & advisory boards
  5. Phoenix Program
  • When dealing with specific questions, our Challenging service links the client with experienced sparring partners. This occurs in relation to a concrete task, individually or in a team and always with utmost discretion.
  • We offer support in the installation and evaluation of supervisory & advisory boards. A corporate governance audit or a workshop to identify the objectives and sensitivities of shareholders are advisable first steps.
  • In focusing on employer attractiveness, we take into consideration the leadership and performance culture, job attractiveness and the potential of the employer brand.
  • Making use of our Phoenix Program, we are able to support the company substantially in coping successfully with special corporate management situations, e.g. restructuring, realignment, growth.