Competence Models

The PIPS Concept

In working together with decision makers we are often faced with the question of which role HR plays in making and implementing decisions during the strategic and operational phases. In the day-to-day activities of most enterprises, the HR organization is relegated to the 2nd or 3rd level, serving as a mere work processor.

In stark contrast to this unfortunate reality, we are firmly convinced the HR function can and must deliver its own measureable contributions to the strategic development and operational performance of the company.

It is necessary to position HR at eye level with operational decision makers, valuing this function as a critical business partner in the process of creating an organization that grows from within to attain a sustainable, future-oriented stature.
In our PIPS concept (Profit Impact of Personnel Strategies) we depict the co-relation between various HR roles in their organizational context and fundamental business parameters and performance indicators.

We call this “results-committed HR management.”