Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute

“A workshop and laboratory to make business life better.” Applying research and developing know-how and do-how, we produce excellent human resources. In our leadership institute we work on concepts, methods and models that can be shaped into effective, tailor-made HR solutions for immediate use by our clients.

By engaging experts from the academic, economic and social arenas in ongoing dialogue, we receive critical impulses that stimulate consistent growth in our understanding of interdependencies, methods and instruments.

We exercise our keen awareness of the realities of the corporate world in order to reduce complexity, to zero in on the essentials. This allows us to create user-friendly products and services that we implement with our clients to produce targeted results.


  • Uses a visionary approach and communication rich in imagery to lead and enthuse your leaders.
  • By means of personality and social-emotional presence, leaders attract followers who magnify their influence throughout the organization.
  • In their role as people leaders, the leadership in your company significantly impacts the development of individuals within their sphere of influence, as well as the organization as a whole. The level of their success or excellence is reflected by the degree to which they own and activate the 8 powers of global leadership competency.

Das PIPS-Concept

In working together with decision makers we are often faced with the question of which role HR plays in making and implementing decisions during the strategic and operational phases. In the day-to-day activities of most enterprises, the HR organization is relegated to the 2nd or 3rd level, serving as a mere work processor.

In stark contrast to this unfortunate reality, we are firmly convinced the HR function can and must deliver its own measureable contributions to the strategic development and operational performance of the company.

It is necessary to position HR at eye level with operational decision makers, valuing this function as a critical business partner in the process of creating an organization that grows from within to attain a sustainable, future-oriented stature.
In our PIPS concept (Profit Impact of Personnel Strategies) we depict the co-relation between various HR roles in their organizational context and fundamental business parameters and performance indicators.

We call this “results-committed HR management.”

Leadership Panels

Feeling the pulse of the future

  • In our leadership panels we join forces with HR business practice, tackling the core elements of conceptual & operational design of management and leadership.
  • Our expert panels and function panels provide a neutral communication platform for open yet confidential talks among leaders of different companies that are all dealing with the necessity of overcoming similar challenges. The talks are based on the results of regular, partially structured surveys which we conduct in collaboration with respected research institutes. These surveys shed light on the state-of-the-art, the deficits and the development tracks.
  • For example, the HR Director who wants to better understand the effect of economic, social, political and cultural development (the mega trends) on HR strategy and operations. A further example is the supervisory board that desires to enter a close dialogue with peers in order to stay up-to-date on viable solutions to strengthen corporate governance.
  • Core findings, future scenarios and potential solutions are discussed in closed door sessions, ensuring the required confidentiality