Our international network

Rochus Mummert has built a widespread network of premium contacts at home and abroad. We work closely with recognized and successful personnel consultancies around the globe, engaging in regular best practice sharing.

As long-term business partners of German champions and hidden champions, we support your development.

Also on international turf.

An integral component of our “handcrafted” strategy is our differentiated service portfolio that is able to ensure high quality consulting services abroad. Recruiting projects are executed:

  • by contacting local candidates directly from one of our offices in Germany
  • or by a local, “on-site” search partner
  • or by an on-site colleague.

Our name and reputation stands or falls with the selection of international partners and the quality of the search results. We have a large number of reference projects from all continents. We also support foreign companies in understanding the peculiarities of the German market and help them become oriented. We function as your business card throughout the process of identifying, attracting and winning leaders for key positions. Most of our senior partners and partners have a profound degree of international business experience, many having lived abroad for a lengthy period. Currently 26 languages are represented within our company group.

Our international partners

In select countries we collaborate with hand-picked local partners. Our international network is carefully managed and has grown organically, step-by-step.