About us

Rochus Mummert Executive Consultants

Experts in executive search and the sustainable development of corporate enterprises.

  • We are a one-stop supplier specialized in the strategic management of excellent human resources.
  • We collaborate with our clients to boost the performance level of leaders and the systems in which they operate.
  • In our opinion these are the key levers of long-term corporate success, valid in all phases of a company’s development and critical in respect to a company’s response to market challenges.
  • In opting for Rochus Mummert you engage a premium service provider. We offer services based on our inter-connected, finely-crafted proprietary concepts and processes.

Our Credo

  • The prosperity of a society is determined by an optimal utilization of its resources.
  • This utilization occurs in business enterprises and institutions.
  • The optimal utilization of resources is the task of management.
  • The more competent the management team is, the more effective it is in optimally utilizing its resources, leading to greater sustainable development and success of the company or institution.
  • The total sum of the successes determines the prosperity level of a society.


Value-add Partner

We conduct our work on behalf of clients who value business relationships defined by sustainability, trust and mutual respect, as this basis helps them significantly strengthen their own competitiveness.

Our thinking and actions are based on traditional core values and convictions: Honesty, clarity, courage, predictability and loyalty are the cornerstones of our business practice.

We are open to criticism, new ideas and different approaches and methods as long as these are able to improve the overall quality of our work. We are willing to take risks, think the unimaginable and realize the possible.

All of the Rochus Mummert partners and consultants have held senior management positions at renowned companies and possess extensive consulting experience. Search projects are managed and executed by the consultant himself – an integrated quality control function to ensure superior results.

During project execution we merge the method & process quality of a reputable corporate group with the individual experience, unique personality and entrepreneurial spirit of the consultant.

We adopt the perspective of the client company, executing our search assignments with the understanding that we serve as the client’s personal “business card.”

Economic independence, absolute professionalism and personal integrity ensure high quality results. Our clients know they are in good hands at all times.