Leadership Consulting

Excellent Human Resources

Motor of corporate development.

  • The combination of company situation, corporate strategy and business cycle creates the specific challenges for company management and the requirement for a coherent human resources concept.
  • Our “motor” delivers solutions using the customized combination of individual components of our service range.
  • Safeguarding the corporate development by means of an anticipatory human resources policy is the key to our clients’ long-term success.

Key functions

The first quandrant of the flywheel addresses the key functions in the company with focus on all positions throughout the entire organizational structure that are essential for the realization of mid-term strategy and a high level of operational performance.

  1. Key competitive factor(s) of the future
  2. Shaping the future through key functions
  3. HR benchmark of key functions
  • The starting point is rooted in a clear understanding of the key competitive factors of the future. By evaluating the immediate situation and strategy, it is possible to derive the functions that are key to realizing the targeted company development.
  • Together with our client we define the competency profiles of the current functions that are critical for the desired future development, applying our expansive knowledge of cross-industry benchmarks.
  • Do you have a master plan for dealing with the unexpected collapse or deterioration of a key function/position?
  • Are you certain that your key functions are optimally filled and not endangering the realization of your corporate strategy?

Assessment & Potential

Assessing and determining the potential of the existing skill set is the emphasis of the second quadrant.

  • Our assessment is comprised of individual audits of leaders within the organization, the evaluation of the management team performance in the context of a team audit and the identification of anything that hinders excellent collaboration.
  • As the leadership and performance culture forms the framework within which decisions are made and actions take place, we define characteristics of the company’s leadership and performance culture. What should be the distinguishing features of this culture in the future?
  • Having a firm grasp of the current culture and the targeted culture, as well as an understanding of the factors that influence culture is the key to creating top-level performance and the long-term success of individuals and the team as a whole.
  • In a joint activity with HR – “Potential Dialogues” – we work out the core aspects of customized development measures for single members of management.

Design & Optimization

Knowing what key functions will shape the future (Quadrant 1) and gaining insight to the existing skills set and the leadership and performance culture (Quadrant 2) make it possible to design and optimize excellent human resources in the third quadrant.

  • The systematic, strategy-based HR management of key functions is critical to a company’s success or even its survival.
  • Our services generate a pro-active management of the human resources base and consist of attracting and winning leaders, leader scouting, in-placement & on-boarding, supportive relationships and career pathing.
  • Once this process has been established, it is possible to detect, address and actively hinder personnel issues and competency gaps.

Leadership & Governance

To manage a company successfully, it is necessary to install a leadership organization (and its related systems) that fits the mid-term and long-term strategy. This mix of organization and strategy forms the systemic framework in which operational decisions and activity take place.

  • When dealing with specific questions, our Challenging service links the client with experienced sparring partners. This occurs in relation to a concrete task, individually or in a team and always with utmost discretion.
  • We offer support in the installation and evaluation of supervisory & advisory boards. A corporate governance audit or a workshop to identify the objectives and sensitivities of shareholders are advisable first steps.
  • In focusing on employer attractiveness, we take into consideration the leadership and performance culture, job attractiveness and the potential of the employer brand.
  • Making use of our Phoenix Program, we are able to support the company substantially in coping successfully with special corporate management situations, e.g. restructuring, realignment, growth.