Executive Search

Experts for top management and key leadership positions

Supervisory and Advisory Boards, Succession Management (in owner-operated companies), Managing Directors, Executive Board Members (C-level positions), Senior Management: The art of searching and selecting by hand.

  • You profit from experienced hands when you engage Rochus Mummert in searching for the best executive candidates.
  • Personal contacts, seniority, experience and a clear market overview are the critical factors of success in the top recruiting segment.
  • Leaders of true stature expect to be addressed by business counterparts at eye-level. Trust, discretion and loyalty make all the difference in such settings.
  • Our know-how and do-how are based on more than 40 years of executive search experience combined with the consistent ongoing development of our procedures and methods.
  • The consulting is executed only by our partners and not in the context of a standard senior/junior hierarchy scheme.

Our Philosophy

With every new placement we are given the opportunity, as entrepreneurs, to make a sustainable contribution to the immediate and long-term development of a company.

In every search process we are intent on introducing the best, hand-selected candidates to our client.

  • In order to do so, we must know much about the client company. So we take a detailed, critical look at the total enterprise: its markets, products, organizational structure, processes, economic standing, objectives and strategies.
  • We analyze and valuate the position to be filled, taking into consideration the operational and organizational context, as well as the expected contribution to overall business results.
  • Additionally, we scrutinize the management and performance culture in relation to concrete leadership situations.
  • Merging the results of this multi-dimensional analysis, we are able to form a comprehensive picture of the position, which we then translate into a tasks & requirements profile. In the process we utilize our cross-industry knowledge along with our experience in the design and leadership of benchmark organizations.

Service Spectrum

Winning and assessing top leaders in the upper echelons of the market.

We understand from first-hand experience the far-reaching effects of every hiring decision and the unique demands of each situation.

That’s why we proceed with sensitivity, tact and a clear sense of responsibility, applying our comprehensive, specialized knowledge of markets and industries and making decisions in line with best practices and benchmarks.

Sustainable decisions flow out of high quality work

  • The detailed exposé we compile for each final candidate presents the full rationale of our assessment of the leader and his or her development potential.
  • To further expand the breadth and depth of our personal appraisal, we use a set of empirically sound psychometric tests. In face-to-face sessions with the individual candidates, we reflect on the conclusions of the overall assessment, entering an open dialogue to judge the relevance of the results.
  • We identify and highlight the distinguishing characteristics of each candidate we select for presentation, also pointing out the respective implications such differences make in executing the management role within its organizational context.
  • Our transparent, clearly formulated appraisal is user-friendly and opens the doors to a structured reflection and discussion among the decision makers. The overarching goal: making the optimal match to ensure a sustainable, win-win relationship between the leader and the client.
  • The results of our client questionnaires during the post-placement phase speak for themselves: 97% of the leaders we place remain in the organization for at least three years.

Our leader scouting service gives you assurance today about the key positions you’ll be filling tomorrow:

  • Based on the requirements profile of the future key positions, we collaborate with you in developing a customized Leader Investment Plan for the relevant positions and timeframe.
  • Without wasting any time we begin the systematic process of screening and assessing the best candidates and continue to monitor their development until the time is ripe to actually fill the position.
  • We form a potent candidate pool for each position.
  • Once your organization is ready and gives us the green light, we move into the process of “mobilizing” the selected candidates.

Leader Scouting is the cutting edge tool that enables you to design and realize a strategic personnel development plan, benefiting from the full potential of leaders available on the market.

How well does your management perform?

  • In a management audit we contrast the quality of your managers in key positions with the “Market” benchmark.
  • In making our assessment we reflect on the actual and/or targeted leadership and performance culture and also take into account the shareholder structure with its set of individual objectives.
  • The degree to which each manager fits into the defined leadership and performance culture can be judged with even greater precision by conducting a separate culture audit.
  • Beyond that we also focus on the nature of the team mindset and cooperation among the members of management.
  • Our conclusions are made against the backdrop of the client company’s strategic objectives and operational requirements. We also give clear recommendations as to development steps of the management team as a whole and/or for individuals.

Filling vacant seats in supervisory bodies and fulfilling the needs of the specific situation

  • In consulting you on this delicate issue − the need to maintain the right “mix and balance” of the board – we carefully consider the company’s unique situation and alignment, also weighing other influential factors such as industry, business maturity and complexity and also the leadership and performance culture.
  • In collaboration with shareholders, the supervisory board and top management, we apply our proven methods to analyze the company’s situation and needs as an objective, unbiased third party, generating transparency. We thus create the basis for sound, target-oriented and sustainable decisions.