Rochus Mummert Healthcare Consulting

Your well-positioned partner in the healthcare market.

  • The healthcare field has undergone drastic changes in recent years: rising demands, tougher competition, ongoing change processes and a growing shortage of qualified and motivated leaders make it more difficult than ever to identify and win just the right leader for top positions in medical and caregiving industries, as well as the areas of management, research and production.
  • The fundamental prerequisite for a successful search is in-depth, industry-specific technical competency on the part of the consultant. That’s why all of our consultants have a strong theoretical background rooted in their university studies but also, and even more importantly, long-term management and/or consulting experience in the medicine, hospital, medical technology and/or pharmaceutical industry.
  • In such a highly specialized, complex arena as the healthcare market, having this specific technical knowledge makes all the difference − indeed it’s the factor that separates the “men from the boys.” And exactly this know-how is a core part of our USP.
  • What distinguishes us? The quality of the consulting and search process. From the very start we advise you in defining the key parameters of the position: the objectives, scope of responsibility and main tasks.
  • The basis of our collaborative efforts is a detailed briefing we prepare for you. This serves to ensure uniform understanding of the vacant position and its organizational framework. In addition, it functions as an impressive business

Search Strategies

As we address the market we use the right tools – those that best suit your situation:

  • Using direct contact, job advertisements, our candidate pool and network, as well as database research, we locate the candidates that match the agreed profile.
  • Each search method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s our task to ensure that the selected method(s) fits the vacancy and its parameters, as well as the candidate market. For us these search methods are tools we use in our daily work − and you can be certain that we are master users of each one.
  • “Under the microscope” of our professional and thorough examination: As we conduct extensive interviews with the shortlisted candidates, we check their level of technical competency, as well as other essential success factors, including management skills, communication prowess and people leadership aptitude.
  • We prepare a detailed exposé for each candidate worthy of recommendation. This includes an assessment of his or her suitability. With your approval we present the selected candidates in face-to-face meetings at your company premises.
  • We aren’t satisfied until you are. It goes without saying that we support you throughout the entire selection process, aligning each step with the specific needs of your organization. The customized candidate documentation you receive from us also reflects your unique requirements and desires.
  • How sustainable and successful is the relationship with the candidate you select? This remains the decisive criteria that determines the quality of the consulting project. That’s why we offer an appropriate “replacement” guarantee for each search project.