About us

The Rochus Mummert Group

Rochus Mummert is one of the most efficient independent personnel consultancies in Germany. Since its foundation in 1972, we have advised more than 35,000 executives, shareholders and entrepreneurs and have successfully and sustainably filled several thousand management positions with tailor-made strategies to date.

Three companies – one maxim: Highest quality. With Rochus Mummert Executive Consultants (experts for top and key positions) and Rochus Mummert Healthcare Consulting (experts for the healthcare market), we successfully support a large number of clients with tailor-made solutions and individual advice. In our new business unit Rochus Mummert digital, we combine many years of expertise in personnel consulting, recruiting and employer branding with agile methods and modern IT approaches in order to attract top talents at expert and managerial level for our clients.

Our clients want to talk to the best. That is why they talk to us. We are committed to the success of our clients – this is what counts. We see ourselves as partners at eye level and creators. We enjoy working for clients who appreciate the potential of long-term, trusting cooperation. In doing so, we always pursue a clear goal: increasing the competitiveness of our clients.

Corporate culture: a decisive aspect. Many people ask “Does the candidate fit in with us? – We ask “Does the company also fit the candidate?”. Experience shows: Sustainable success depends on the cultural fit, i.e. on shared values and norms.

Team excellence instead of a consultant hierarchy based on the division of labour. With us, projects are completely managed by a partner/senior consultant together with his team. This allows for fast, flexible and confidential work, which is particularly essential for covert or difficult search assignments.

Before the quality of the cast

is the quality of the search.

We see human resources as a holistic challenge. It includes the human perspective and the resource and management perspective. In each of these dimensions, our thinking and actions are subject to the highest standards. The yardstick is highest quality.

Our performance promise. “Excellent Human Resources” is based on a deeper understanding of the overall context and the relevant markets, the concrete situation of the company and the needs of our clients and candidates, an ‘extra’ of know-how through the use of intelligent instruments and methods, an ‘extra’ of culture, respect and esteem for people and better results.

Our partners and consultants come mainly from senior management positions in well-known companies. Personal experience, combined with in-depth market knowledge and intensive familiarization with the specific task at hand, ensures that we take on the perspective of your company in order to be able to comprehensively fulfill our consulting function.

You have a good name. We are your business card in the market. Successful managers have alternatives. That is why the reputation of the personnel consultancy commissioned is a critical success factor. Our reputation ensures that qualified, entrepreneurially-minded managers approach us with openness and interest. This is how we attract the best candidates.

International network

Rochus Mummert has an extensive network of the best contacts at home and abroad. We work closely with recognised, successful foreign personnel consultancies and exchange information regularly.

As a long-standing business partner of German "Champions" and "Hidden Champions", we accompany your development.

As well as internationally.

Part of our “Manufacture” strategy is a differentiated range of services that ensures high-quality consulting services abroad. Recruitment projects are either

with direct contact on site from Germany,
with a local search partner or
with a fully qualified professional colleague on site.
We stand with our name for the selection of the partners involved as well as the quality of results and have a large number of reference projects on all continents. We help foreign clients to orientate themselves in the German market and to understand the specifics. We are your “business card” in the acquisition of key personalities. The majority of senior consultants and partners have profound international business experience, many have lived abroad for several years. We currently have 26 languages on board within our group of companies.

Our foreign partners

In selected countries we work with “hand-picked” local partners. This network is carefully maintained and gradually expanded.


Shanghai Atomic Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai, Peking

Your contact at RM: Jürgen Pütter


Career Development Associates Corporation

Your contact at RM: Jürgen Pütter


Watteau-Neplaz & Associés

Your contact at RM: Dr.-Ing. Frank Döring


IHR Consultancy, Executive Consultants & Selection
Madrid, Barcelona

Your contact at RM: Peter Trück

India / Middle East

Your Contact at RM: Dr.-Ing. Frank Döring


Gfeller Consulting & Partner AG
Olten, Oensingen

Your Contact at RM: Peter Trück


Your Contact at RM: Jürgen Pütter


Your Contact at RM: Dr.-Ing. Frank Döring