Our clients want to talk to the best. That’s why we talk to you.

Our clients are world market leaders, sustainable family businesses, innovative hidden champions and popular figures – the backbone of our economy.

No matter what you do today, no matter where you are today – curiosity is always worthwhile.



An important step in your personal career planning is to build a strong network.

At Rochus Mummert, we can accompany you throughout your entire career, right up to top positions in the German economy.

Numerous successful/emerging leaders and experienced managers are following this path together with us

We ourselves have worked for many years as senior managers and personnel managers in top companies. Therefore we know how important it is to find the right balance between your individual development, a fulfilling job and your personal life planning.

I’ll consider every offer. It could be the offer of a lifetime.

Henry Ford

With us you are not talking about your next job, but about your career.

Partner for your career

We are the long-term partner for your career. At Rochus Mummert, we cover all the options for a professional career – from the demanding expert position to a top function at C-level. We have direct access to innovative companies, managing directors and supervisory boards. This results in exciting new opportunities for you, which will inspire you.

In a personal meeting we will work out what is important to you and what your goals are. With each appointment we ask ourselves the question: Does the company suit you? We analyse corporate and leadership culture and other factors for the perfect match. Because we are convinced that professional competence is not the only decisive factor. People are at the centre of attention. Hire for attitude, train for skills.

We accompany you in confidence step by step through the entire process as your partner and coach: Personal meeting, matching, analysis & reflection, presentation to the customer, contract preparation and onboarding – we are at your side.

Simple and fast

Simple and fast: We continuously optimize our processes and tools. For example, an application to Rochus Mummert digital takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

Our first personal contact will be by telephone or video conference. This way we are fast, flexible in terms of time and avoid travel expenses. Don’t worry if something doesn’t work optimally from a technical point of view. We would like to get to know you – we do not judge the quality of your webcam.

Fairness and transparency

The following applies to our selection process: fairness, fairness, fairness! We use online-based diagnostic procedures. Why is that good for you? Because it objectifies the selection. Two rules apply without any ifs and buts: It’s always a human decision, never the machine. And we always share the results with you.

We are there at the first meeting with the customer. We discuss all important points with you in advance and prepare you optimally. Afterwards we discuss the result together. If it doesn’t work out, that’s too bad. But we always have our ear to the market and are often the first to hear about an open position. We stay on the ball together.

And when the new dream job is found...

If everything works out, we will be happy together! You have found your dream job, which is the envy of all of you. Congratulations!

Our team will accompany you during the first months and support you in the background. You concentrate on the new challenges. We are there when you need advice. If you want forever. When it is time for the next career step. When you want to move on. Because you are part of our Rochus Mummert Talent Network. You can always fall back on that.