Successful high-performance teams support individuals in reaching their full potential in order to achieve the shared overall goal in the best possible way. This is true for orchestras, sports teams as well as for companies. The “orchestration” is done by the conductor, coach or CEO. They ensure that “unity in diversity” is created, in which all stakeholders find their place.

Dr. Hans Schlipat talks to Professor Gernot Schulz about his experiences as a musician, conductor and consulting entrepreneur in the shaping of leadership organisations.

John F. Kennedy is a remarkable combinationof casualness and dignity, nonchalance andmajesty. Only when it was over did we realize,how different life was with Kennedy in the White House.

Leonard Bernstein

John F. Kennedy is aremarkable combinationof casualness and dignity,nonchalance and majesty.Only when it was over didwe realize, how differentlife was with Kennedyin the White House.

Leonard Bernstein

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