As an advisor to the management at Rochus Mummert Beteiligungs- und Dienstleistungs GmbH, Sybille Besel (on the left) has been steering the holding company at the Munich location since 2020. Paulina Ohling (on the right) has been a working student at Rochus Mummert since 2022 and is gathering first experiences in personnel consulting. At the same time, she is studying business administration at the University of St. Gallen.


Looking into the future: 8 perspectives by Sybille Besel and Paulina Ohling

There is much discussion about the future these days. Shortage of skilled staff, Corona crisis, war in Ukraine, gas crisis…. the list goes on. Is everything getting worse? What will the future bring? What contribution can we make to a promising future?

This interview deals with the multifaceted term “future”. From the perspective of two generations, Sybille Besel and Paulina Ohling ask themselves the following questions: What does the future mean to me? What do I associate with the term future when I think of personal, economic, ecological and social developments? What associations does the term future bring with it?

The two have translated the results of their creative process into a photo series. Get inspired!

The future is complexity. Life has become complex. Sometimes, we even experience anxiety about the future in many fields in our society. But “complexity” does not have to mean “complicated”. Is complexity not also an accumulation of numerous promising options?!

The future is energy. Energy carries and inspires us, until we run out of it. Whether it is personal energy or energy from our environmental resources, we need to make sure more than ever that we use any energy properly and mindfully.

The future is humans and technology. Who is in control of whom? Who will set the tone in the future? Technology has already come so far that it is superior to human beings in many areas. It can even replace us. At the same time, we are convinced that humans will remain irreplaceable in many areas.

When I look into the future, I see a lot of really cool opportunities amongst many challenges.

Paulina Ohling

The future is diversity. Prejudice, discrimination, pay gaps: issues that are the absolute opposite of diversity. Diversity is complex, it must be nurtured, and we are all asked to make an active contribution. Because a future without diversity is above all: without prospects.

The future is cooperation. Is the classic teacher-student model still appropriate today? How can the generational exchange succeed? We are firmly convinced that all generations benefit from each other and that everyone is more successful when they closely work together. For the sake of reverse mentoring: let your working students explain something new to you today!

The future is balance. Balance is a goal that we are always trying to achieve – whether in our private lives, or in environmental matters and in business. But how do we succeed in maintaining a stable balance in these areas? In our view, this requires two things: the awareness of imbalances and, at the same time, the willingness to change.

Balance for me means stability and flexibility at the same time and can only be consistent if we include all perspectives.

Sybille Besel

The future is orientation. Who will provide guidance in the future? The politicians? The teachers? The entrepreneurs? It is not just the others: We have to start with ourselves. Whether in our private lives or in our jobs.
As a personnel consultancy, we see ourselves as having full responsibility: we think ahead, set impulses and provide orientation.

We are the future. Our conclusion: Yes, the current times are extremely challenging. Yes, sometimes it is even truely exhausting and frustrating.
Victor Hugo said: “The future has many names: For the weak it is the unattainable, for the fearful it is the unknown, for the brave it is opportunity. ” We want to see the opportunities, grab hold and shape the future of the society we live in. We are ready. Are you as well?

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